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Sports Recruiting Reels

I offer affordable sports highlight videos for high school and college athletes. I can create a custom highlight reel for any sport to help with the recruiting process. 


My services start at $150 per video (up to 15 clips).

You upload your videos to Google Drive or Dropbox. Email me the time stamps of the highlights that you want included in the reel, and a picture and some info about the athlete, and I will create your custom video.

Highlight Reels Include:

Each video starts with a custom card that includes a picture of the athlete, highlights and contact info. Videos includes a highlight mark on the athlete so coaches know who to look for in the video. The video will be emailed to you. Typical turn around 48 hours or less. At times, my schedule with projects gets busy and I will let you know if I need more time. Rush pricing is $75 for each video.


Sports Reels
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